Artist Statement

For me the creative process is an experience of unity.

When I paint, Being and Doing, are one and the same. The energy passing through me, the body movement, the brush, the paint, the paper or canvas, everything is one.

There is no conscious thinking process, no planning, and no knowledge of how the painting will evolve. My work is an expression of constant internal change experienced deep within the body, prior to words and images. Yet it is universal in that it can be recognized by the viewer and evoke in them a deep emotional response.

The brush moves with the body as a direct extension of what is sensed within moment by moment (abstract Zen art). This is a language of brushstrokes, fluid paint and transparent layers. The bare white of the paper or canvas is the air and space in which the painting breathes.

The energy may move from one painting to another and yet another, till it is fully expressed and exhausted. A painting is complete when opposites meet, the inner movement is realized and returns to stillness.