About Me

Painting is part of my life both as an expressive channel and as part of my process of awareness, Buddhism being my main source of inspiration. 

I have lived in South-East Asia for five years. I began by travelling, and was soon attracted to Eastern philosophy, which drew me to study Meditation and Yoga in various monasteries. In India, I joined the international experiential township of Auroville, which brings together eastern and western teaching and knowledge. As a resident, I worked as both textile designer and art teacher.

Eastern philosophy is a deep foundation for the art I create. Jungian depth psychology, Focusing, dance and Tai chi, are all integral in my art.

Professional development:

BA in Sociology and Anthropology in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (1983-1986)

Masters in Art Therapy in Lesley College, Boston (1993-1996).

The Israeli artist Tsibi Geva was my main mentor during the years 2006-2009.

I work and paint in a studio in Tel Aviv.

I have participated in solo and group exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

My artwork is in private collections around the world.

I also work as an Art and Focusing Therapist with individuals, and lead Depth Painting Workshops.