Painting the moment
A workshop facilitated by Dorith Teichman

The workshop ‘painting the moment’ invites the participants to experience a creative process that is connected to their inner mind – body experience and sensations. The creativity deriving from this realm is one of curiosity and surprise. This painting experience leads to a freer and more direct expression of the inner world and to a surprising creativity. The workshop is an invitation to be in the here -and-now, to accept not knowing how the painting will develop. This is an opportunity to allow oneself to experience new ways of expression with color and a variety of tools, to be inventive and playful. There is no right or wrong in this creative experience.

The workshop is an opportunity to find the freedom to express one’s individual self through painting. In order to enter the realm of sensations and emotions I facilitate the process of Focusing. This  method brings awareness into the inner space within the body and to the various sensations and emotions one perceives at the present moment. 

Each individual is led to express the inner sensations in the most direct and immediate way through various techniques, paints and materials, brushes and working tools. The materials provided in the workshop allow a rich and surprising individual expression. All materials – paper, acrylic paints, pastels, chalks, oil pastels, gouache paints and various brushes and work tools are included in the price.

I am an artist and an art therapist. My experience of painting, having awareness to the here and now (mindfulness) and realizing the freedom one can experience through both has brought about the creation of this workshop.

Depth workshop

painting the moment: the workshop consists of ten three-hour meetings in an intimate group.

One day workshop

‘Inner Freedom and the Freedom to Create’ is a mind -body – painting experience in a group, for a few hours.

A special request workshop

For couples, groups, family, and friends.

Dance and painting workshop

This workshop invites you to express the inner world through painting and dance. It enhances the connection between mind and body and the power of expressing oneself through these arts. The process leads to introspection, personal expression, insight and the joy of  finding a freedom to express oneself through movement and painting.

Individual art and Focusing therapy

Individual therapy sessions using a mind- body experience through art therapy and Focusing technique.  

Upcoming workshops

Next Painting the Moment workshop: October 2021


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